A few years ago, the cPanel Control Panel was a proven leader on the web hosting marketplace. Its level of popularity grew so big that nowadays cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. Nevertheless, the cPanel Control Panel is based on dated concepts and what worked well a few years ago isn’t actual currently.

Because of this, we developed the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, designed around the ideas of these days and prepared for the tests of tomorrow. It’s been designed to perform in the cloud, to always be user–friendly and to let you control every aspect of your web presence: website, domain name and invoicing, all from a single location.

1. Domain/billing/website settings

If you’d like to control your domain names, websites and invoicing from one login page without having to use any other panels, the CCMR Hosting Control Panel is exactly what you want.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll need to log in two separate website management interfaces – an invoicing panel from where you maintain domains and invoicing and the cPanel Control Panel from which you manage your web sites.

2. File Hierarchy

In the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, all of your websites and subdomains will be independent from each other. Each web site will have its very own directory segregated from the rest in the home directory of your cloud hosting account. You can easily switch from concentrating on one site to managing another.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you’ve a single web hosting account for your main website and if you need to have additional websites within the very same website hosting account, they will be included as subfolders of your main website. This will make managing different web sites very complicated.

3. File Manager

With the File Manager of the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, you will have total control over the files of your websites. You’ll be able to instantly add new files utilizing drag–n–drop functionality, effectively modify a few files at the same time via the multi–selection functionality, unarchive archives with a click, change files utilizing the builtin basic and WYSWYG editors and a lot more.

The cPanel’s File Manager offers you restricted control of your files and folders. You will have trouble uploading multiple files simultaneously and won’t have the capacity to drag and drop files because this operation is not in fact included. An archive/unarchive functionality is just not included either. File modifying applications are also limited.

4. Free Bonuses

With the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, you you’ll find a number of no–cost bonus tools developed by our company. They are included without charge with each cloud hosting solution, which uses our Control Panel. With each package, your able to use tools like the Quick Website Installer, the Web Applications Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Website Creating Tool, a collection of Advanced Tools, and more.

The cPanel Control Panel is propagated by using a commercial certificate and extra benefits will be integrated for an extra cost. As a result, even if your provider gives cost–free gifts within the cPanel, their actual cost will be included in the price of your hosting package. At the same time, the amount and type of free–of–cost benefits will change from one website hosting provider to another.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds of Operation

The CCMR Hosting Control Panel has been built making use of the most up–to–date web related technologies. In this way, it makes use of fully the potential of your web client and Internet access to help you take care of your sites really fast. In our assessment tests, when doing similar operations, the Control Panel demonstrated three times better speeds as compared to competitive control panels.

cPane is made to be set up on a number of web servers using many different hardware set–ups. Because of this, it’s not absolutely geared up to function with a particular system, which might have compromising influence on speed and security. Furthermore, It could be even slower at times of massive web server load.

6. Multi–domain Management

The CCMR Hosting Control Panel will give you a unique option to control a number of domain names and web sites from a single user–friendly interface. Domain name administration is smooth and changing to website administration means you simply need to transfer to a different area of the Control Panel tool.

The cPanel Control Panel helps keep different elements separate – you will need to maintain your domains from 1 login area and your web sites from a different one. Each individual site possesses its own Control Panel. Managing many different websites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather puzzling because all extra domain names will be kept in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

When using the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, you will be able to easily browse from one area to another by using our very useful top menu bar. It has links to each area of the Control Panel along with a quick description of what you can do there. In this way, even if you do not know very well what the name of the section implies, you’ll have the ability to quickly become familiar with its capabilities.

The cPanel Control Panel displays all available icons on the home page, meaning that it is not personalized to your own demands. Moreover, immediately after you access a menu, you won’t be able to quickly change to a different one and will have to get back to the home page instead. This type of navigation could be quite frustrating for you, particularly if you implement lots of sections anytime you update your web sites.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

Using the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, we’ve created a feature–rich demo account for you to preview just before signup. You’ll have access to an evaluation Linux cloud website hosting plans account where you can easily configure email addresses, install apps, generate brand–new sub–domains, as well as create a website using any of our site builders, and so on. Should you like what you have come up with – you you can easily join us within the demo account and keep anything you have come up with up to now.

From the demo web hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you are able to solely get acquainted with look of its user interface. Virtually all characteristics are inaccessible and you cannot in reality go off the homepage. With most hosting providers, you’ll be granted access to a normal cPanel demo account, and will not be able to look at the Control Panel you will in fact be making use of to manage your sites if you sign up.

Using the CCMR Hosting Control Panel, taking care of your sites will be simple, easy and enjoyable. Just take a quick look at our Control Panel demo and explore the included features and capabilities to see on your own.

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